Star Collider

by Acid Elephant



Star Collider is the second full-length album of Acid Elephant, taking the sounds of the dying mammoth to another level. This is truly a proof of the group's capability to simultaneously rock on at the desert, doom down into the bog and drone on like a train made of sperm whales!

"Acid Elephant have created one of the heaviest slabs of doom I've heard this year, which surprisingly held me hostage for an entire hour. I'll admit I'm normally not a huge fan of the 15+ minute doomasaurs but this one was riveting enough to bury me alive. What starts as an innocent buzz-inducing desert getaway turns quickly into a bludgeoning assault of psychedelic doom which slowly carves it's way into your brain with the very guitar pick that hooked your fuzzy neck in the first place. There's no escaping the Star Collider."
- Sludgelord

"Even though the songs last 15 minutes on average nowhere do they bore for even a second. This is absolutely a meal for psychedelic stoner fans."
- Marcel H., Lords of Metal

"While the vocals are a little unconventional at times for regular listeners of the genre, that only strides to exemplify the talents of the instrumentation on offer here as you try to listen through a thick heavy smoke and 60’s guitar meanderings trail-blazing to an astral plain of laid back grooves. [- -] Thick heavy colourful smokey smothering drone; thy champion is Acid Elephant!"
- Heavy Planet

"When the end finally comes, if you've listened to the album front-to-back, it's a little like coming out of a trance; you have to shake yourself a little to make sure everything's intact. Damn good stuff, and quite a treat."
- Gabriel, Ride With The Devil

"...[E]ach of the tracks on this record has been quite different from each other, something I really like about this band."
- Scott Heller (Öresund Space Collective)


released November 5, 2013

recorded at Electric Fox Studios between January and May 2012 by Teemu Laukkanen.
mixed and mastered by Teemu Laukkanen.
produced by Miksa Väliverho.
cover art & layout by Tuomas Kristola.
cover includes art by Steini Walker.

The Elephants were:
Ilpo Kauppinen - vox & guitars
Miksa Väliverho - bass, guitar, vox & fx
Roope Vähä-Aho - drums

Akseli Hiltunen - vox (on tracks 1,2 & 5)
Herkko Himmelä - djembe (on track 2)
Marie Käige - vox (on track 5)
Teemu Laukkanen - vox (on track 1) & additional drums (on track 4)




Acid Elephant Finland

Miksa Väliverho
Roope Vähä-aho
Lari Sallinen

Acid Elephant is an untraditional heavy psychedelic rock band from Pori, said to be as heavy as a dying overweight mammoth. This band, formed late 2008 naked - in a sauna, have since been developing a more acid and more elephantine, sound than ever seen afore!

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